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Hello people! I'm Savannah-the-Caracal, the creator of the site. But just because I'm the person who made Writingdelight, don't feel like you can't talk to me. I'm a very friendly person, and love answering questions, chatting, or even roleplaying!

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I am the annoying kid who photobombs your selfies. Avid writer of epic fantasy novels and geeky romance. I am professional at cringe worthy art and touchy-feely relationships. Snapchat me your social security number @mglueders

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hello im roy. im your friendly introverted canadian art nerd. I really like gordon ramsay and cats. I have 6 pets, 4 cats and 2 guinea pigs. if you ever want to talk, hit me up, I dont bite



Hello! I am 118yearsold. I love Steven universe, Warriors, and love using my imagination!



Heyo I'm Blazerod, but feel free to call me Heather! I'm a warriors and pokemon nut, and I can generally be found stalking the various boards.



Hi im just your normal Tree I love Harry Potter, Warrior cats, And Playing Games, I also like animals, and having a chat. I would love to chat with anyone feel free to send me a message



Hi, im just your friend that likes Cats and Chicken Smoothie. My favourite Colour is Orange, and i like to read.



Hi! I'm Peridorito23 and I love dogs and Steven universe! All of my thanks go to Savannah for making me a mod! Thank you so much!



Hiya, I'm Scar. Just your average teenager who likes anime and writes her own stories. Feel free to message me, I'm always open for a chat!



Hi there! I like Warrior Cats, Wings of Fire, Books, and Video games! I'm very friendly and if you need to talk to someone you can message me!

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Kraken VS Octo-kun

Hey, I'm Kraken VS Octo-kun. I'm your somewhat ordinary young adult who has issues. I'm into Pokemon, Zelda, Warriors, and a lot more. I'm new to being a staff member, so bear with me if I make mistakes



Hello! Well, what can I say? I'm here because I'm a writer. I have been writing since I was seven, and I finished my first 24-point 100-page book at seven or eight! I'm a pretty techy-person, as my mom says, and I started my first blog at ten. So yes, I guess I do love writing! In terms of my other interests, I love drawing (though not specifically talented), horse riding, training my cat, reading, playing the piano, singing... and wait, there's more, but I forgot (rofl) Feel free to call me Rocco or Ellie, most people call me ellie these days! :)