This is a sort of guide to the various events that WritingDelight hosts!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Savannah-the-Caracal, and if you'd like to participate, head over to the Announcements Board to sign up for the current event. Sign ups close after the first month ends, or in the case of the Christmas Event, after two weeks, so be sure not to miss the deadline!

The Events

Janurary-Feburary :: Poem Event -- Once a week, the judges will be releasing prompts. Participants will create poems based off of the prompts. The person with the most prompts will win, however if there is a tie then the person with the largest word-count between the tied people will win.

March-April :: Themed Writing Event -- The judges will release a different theme once a week,and participants will have to write based on those themes. The person who wrote the most will win, unless in case of a tie in which case the person with the highest word count will be declared victor.

May-June :: Character Design Contest -- Participants will be randomly assigned partners. The teams will be released, and partners must describe their characters to each other. With a maximum of four characters per person, or eight per team, partners must draw the other persons character!

July-August :: 1x1 Contest -- The characters made in the last contest will be used with the same teams writing either for the characters they drew, or the ones their partners drew, or some mash up of that. The plot and everything else is up to the teams to decide, but they HAVE to use those characters. At the end, the team with the most pages (not counting starting and character posts) wins. In case of a tie highest word count wins.

September-October :: Coding Contest -- Participants will be given certain themes by the judges, and have to design either a signature, thread, or character form based on it. The type of code will alternate.

November :: Break for Nano -- If participants want they can post their novels here, but if not then they can just enjoy the month off to focus on nanowrimo (national novel writing month for those of you who might not know)

December :: Christmas Event -- Will change every year, and will be decided upon by the mods during November

The Judges and Prizes

Judges are staff members who have been randomly selected. Judges will change for each event, with the exception of the Character Design and 1x1 Contests, as those judges will have to remain the same. If for some reason a judge has to drop out, a non-participating member may volunteer to judge in their stead.

And now, the part you really came here to read. The Prizes.

For all events, first place will be 1000 KK, second place will be 500, and third place 100. If you participated but did not win, you will be rewarded with an amount of KK determined by your participation.